gryffindork said: How can those of us interested in working for the Obama 2012 campaign get involved, volunteering or otherwise? Thanks!

Well, we’re so glad you asked. There are a few different ways you can jump in:

- Find an event near you to go knock on doors, help register voters, or sign people up to join the campaign. There are a bunch of events going on this Monday for the MLK Day of Service, for example.

- Make calls using (the shiny new version of) our online call tool to ask people to support President Obama this year.

- Sign up to say you’re interested in volunteering, and a local organizer will be in touch with you to talk about how you can help.

And as always, one of the major things you can do for this campaign is telling your friends to get involved. Tumbl, tweet, use your words—early and often. Thanks!