Why kateradee is voting for Obama:

I am the only child of a single mother, who was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer when I was 18 years old. Under President Obama, I don’t have to worry about her being denied health insurance coverage. I just graduated from college, and started an entry level job far from home. Under President Obama, I can stay on my mother’s health insurance for a few more years while I settle into the workforce and find a job with benefits. I am a woman. Under President Obama, I don’t have to worry about my reproductive choices being made by men in suits. Four more years!

Mr. Romney has called for overturning Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court ruling that recognized a woman’s constitutional right to make her own childbearing decisions and to legalized abortion nationwide. He has said that the issue should be thrown back to state legislatures. The actual impact of that radical rights rollback is worth considering.

It would not take much to overturn the Roe decision. With four of the nine members of the Supreme Court over 70 years old, the next occupant of the White House could have the opportunity to appoint one or more new justices. If say, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the oldest member, retired and Mr. Romney named a replacement hostile to abortion rights, the basic right to abortion might well not survive.

The New York Times: “If Roe v. Wade Goes