Three years ago.

just-to-stay-alive submitted:

When my father found he had cancer in 2010, my whole life came to a halt. I dropped out of college to help my family take care of him and the idea that I would lose my own insurance because I wasn’t a “full-time student” only added to the stress.

When Obamacare was passed, it was a turning point. I wouldn’t have to stress over whether I had to find money for school just to cover myself, I’m able to stay under my father’s insurance until I’m 26 and stay with him during chemotherapy and watch him go back to work.

As Native Americans, he and I are proud of the President’s support not only to our family, but our people. For the first time in decades, he’s felt like his people have been heard.

He was a life-long Republican until this administration. This year, he re-registered as a Democrat and voted Forward.

He’s now cancer free and thankful. As well as proud.