This vote is for Obama.

Mary Beth wrote in:

In line for early voting today, I expected the little tinge of excitement I always get waiting my turn, but not the sudden tears that welled up once I was actually staring down at the choices for President. Corny, I know, but I genuinely felt the enormity of the whole thing as I selected Obama’s name. And after I moved past my own embarrassment, I decided maybe what’s weird is not to care that much. I mean, what am I really voting for, if not the things that matter most to me?

So this vote is for my gay older brother, who asks nothing you or I wouldn’t, but bears the weight of others’ fears and ignorance. You can’t convince me these election results will be “all the same” to him. And I can’t imagine moving forward on any other topic, knowing I did not first accept my own brother as an equal.

This vote is for my cousin, who served his country in Afghanistan, returning to a six-month old daughter who didn’t recognize him. He won her over, then won over the people of North Carolina, working in the state legislature to ensure the care and rights of all returning veterans.

This vote is for my daughters, aware enough to use the term “sexist” in arguments, to comprehend past inequities, to question present fairness, to expect future gains. This vote is for my daughters and my sons, because I wish the same things in life for all my children.

This vote is for me. Because I still believe.