Why fancycwabs is voting for Obama:

A little over a year ago, my sister took my twelve-year-old niece in to the doctor because her eye wasn’t moving the way it should. Sometimes a birth defect causes these symtoms, but the doctor recommended an MRI just to be safe—a MRI which revealed an inoperable brain tumor on the base of my niece’s spine.

Several weeks of cold, early mornings driving to the hospital for radiation treatments reduced the size of the tumor to a point where it was no longer an threat, but the total cost of treatment was over $140,000—covered by their (employer supplied) insurance, fortunately.

My niece will need several $10,000 MRI scans every year. For the rest of her life, every time she changed jobs, or her employer changed insurance companies, her tumor would be listed as a “pre-existing condition,” and she would have been denied coverage.

I use the past tense for that because that’s how it would have been, had Barack Obama’s administration not passed the Affordable Care Act. Because of this act, my niece will never have to worry about a big corporation denying her medical care in order to save itself some money. My family can be sure that they won’t have to lose everything to pay for medical bills.

Opponents of the President have made repealing the Affordable Care Act the first item on their agenda—a move that could very easily cost my now-thirteen-year-old niece her life if the tumor ever becomes a problem again. For this reason, I will do everything I can to make certain Barack Obama is reelected.

Got a reason?