dalesofourlives submitted:

I support Obama because my parents are public school teachers. I know firsthand that teachers are some of the hardest-working individuals out there, and they don’t have the salaries to prove it. My older sister recently went to college to earn an English degree. While she received a scholarship, it’s taking a huge toll on our family’s funds for her to be able to learn the skills to start working in a field she’s passionate about.

My parents have always told me that college is important, but they wouldn’t be angry if I didn’t go. It’s seeming more and more like not going to be the case, unless by some miracle I can earn a full scholarship somewhere. I’ve wanted to work in human rights for a long time, and the news that college may no longer be an option is really weighing me down.

Supporting Obama is one of the most effective ways I can think of to make college a possibility for me again. I can’t do what Mitt says and simply “borrow money from my parents”; it’s not an option and I view it as a joke, frankly. Obama’s student loan reforms would help my sister and I immensely, as well as my parents. My mom and dad are the two most important people in my life, and I work for them 24/7. If there’s one less thing for them to worry about, life is a lot easier.