i cant tell whether vh1 or barackobama is my favorite blog and it is distressing me

Does the president ever reblog Darren Criss gifs?  We think not.

POTUS: Needs more Darren GIFs!

Hey, Darren: Should everybody register to vote and bug their friends to register to vote

Your move, VH1.

Challenge Accepted, Mr. President!  As Darren says, let’s vote together! ;-)

Remember that time we were like, “Okay, VH1, here’s a Darren GIF!” and then VH1 was like “Okay, here are original amazing Darren GIFs we just made where he’s pointing at you and telling you to vote in the most patriotic red-white-and-blue bubble font possible”?

In other words, we concede this GIF war to you, VH1. Well played.

(Source: theokatz)