A personal appeal to the Obama team tumblrers




Hi! Remember me? At the end of last year I led a successful campaign to get you guys to follow me. I don’t need to re-hash that tale. You know it already. Apparently you even love telling about it.

That campaign was not successful without the help of some lovely fellow tumblrers. Namely imwithkanye, who screencapped my post, the one that got your attention, that you eventually reblogged and caused you to follow me.

You have now reblogged imwithkanye multiple times, including today! The sad thing is: you don’t follow him. I think this is a major oversight on your part.

He would never tell you this. You see some people (imwithkanye, I’m assuming) are above begging. I, on the other hand, am not.

Some might say this appeal is me taking this Obama thing just a little too far. You already follow me so how dare I go out of my way to get you to start following my friends? I get that. But here’s the thing: I did not get here today, on tumblr, being followed by the President’s social media team without a little help from my friends.

Which is why I think you’ll understand when I ask: Will you please follow imwithkanye?


imwithkanye is a good follow any day.

Done. Knope GIF not even necessary (though always appreciated).