Dear Mitt Romney,


I’ve heard you recently said you don’t know how any young person could vote Democrat. I honestly don’t know how any young person, especially a young woman, could vote Republican. In fact, I am actually a registered Republican who is planning to vote to re-elect President Obama (GASP). I was raised in a conservative, Republican home, so when it came time to register two years ago, I just followed in my family’s footsteps. However, I now plan on giving Obama my full support.

For me, isn’t about party lines or republicans vs. democrats; it’s about the issues that matter to me. As a woman, I just can’t bring myself vote for any candidate that does not acknowledge me as a person. I was raised in a Christian home, but I will advocate for anyone’s right to choose. I’m one of the 98% of women who use birth control. I can’t vote or even seriously consider a candidate who wants to take that away from me.

This will be the first election that I am eligible to vote in. I’m happy to know I stand firmly behind my choice. I’m even happier to know that my choice stands firmly behind me.

-Courtney G