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S. submitted:

My brother has sleep apnea as well as several other complications. Around the time we were discovering this, my brother had just graduated from college and turned 24, taking him off my parent’s health insurance.

Suddenly we need sleep studies and special medication, doctor’s visits and breathing machines. He couldn’t afford the costs (well over $10,000), and neither could my entire family put together. Then the health care act passed. Suddenly, my brother was back on our federal health insurance, everything was covered. A month later, my brother was well enough to get his own job with his own health insurance. Without it, he would probably have died from complications and lack of treatment.

F. sent in:

When I turned 18, my father told me I would have to pay for my own health insurance because they kick you off at that age. The price was $347.42 per month. Making $8 per hour and just getting a car, there was no way I could afford it and I also didn’t think I needed it.

A week before my 21st birthday, my lungs collapsed. 1 week in the hospital, one surgery later, my bill from the hospital was over $45,000. Wish you were president back then.