Remarks by the First Lady to Children While Tracking Santa with NORAD, Via Telephone

December 24, 2011

11:03 A.M. HAST

OPERATOR: You’re connected, ma’am.

MRS. OBAMA: Hello, this is the First Lady, Michelle Obama. How may I help you?

MRS. HARRIS: Hi, I have my daughter right here. She’d like to speak to you.

MRS. OBAMA: I would love to speak to her. Is her name Summer?

MRS. HARRIS: It sure is.

MRS. OBAMA: Okay, I’m ready for Summer.

MRS. HARRIS: Here she is.

SUMMER: Hello.

MRS. OBAMA: Hi, Summer? Is this Summer?

SUMMER: Can you tell me where Santa is?

MRS. OBAMA: I can. Right now, I am looking at the tracker and I can see a dot on the satellite screen. It says that Santa, right now, is flying over Finland. So right now —


MRS. OBAMA: Yeah, he is over Finland. And I can see a glowing light, and it looks like, from the satellite, that he’s got all nine reindeer with him, and it looks like his sleigh is pretty full. It looks like a full sleigh of toys. So I hope you’ve been good this year. Summer, have you been?


MRS. OBAMA: What are some of the things you want from Santa?

SUMMER: A Clawdeen Monster High Doll.

MRS. OBAMA: Uh-huh. Sounds exciting.

SUMMER: With a pair of shoes.

MRS. OBAMA: With the shoes? Excellent. Well, it looks like Santa has got a lot of toys ready for good little boys and girls, so — but Santa only comes to your house after he knows you’re asleep. So no matter where he is in the world, you’ve got to be asleep, okay?


MRS. OBAMA: I know it’s an exciting night, but you’ve got to settle in, cuddle up, and in the morning, Santa will arrive, okay?

SUMMER: Uh-huh.

MRS. OBAMA: All right. Well, merry Christmas, Summer. Thanks for calling.

SUMMER: Thank you, First Lady.

MRS. OBAMA: Okay. Bye-bye, sweetie.